#53: Why You Need To Work In & On Your Business

Life & Law Podcast

Feb 15 2022 • 26 mins

Do you know the difference between working IN your business and working ON your business? If not, you need to. Regardless of whether you’re in private practice or in-house, it’s important for you to do both if you want to succeed. Especially if you want your own book of business and/or want to become part of leadership (within your company or firm). Join me in today’s episode to learn all about what it means to work in your business vs. on your business, and how to start ensuring that you do both. *** Want To Exponentially Increase Clients, Revenues & Income (Not Stress Levels)? If you're a partner, shareholder or of counsel attorney looking to exponentially grow your book of business while keeping things balanced, then ELEVATE Attorney Mastermind was made for you. Get more information about and apply for ELEVATE here >>> https://www.coursecorrectioncoaching.com/mastermind-application/ [Got questions? Email me at heather@heathermoulder.com.]