Episode 56 - Coffy (1973)

Bad Movies & Beer

Apr 13 2022 • 45 mins

Cooper and Nolan are pouring themselves a hot cup of 70s action this week with the blaxploitation classic COFFY!

Legendary actress Pam Grier is on a one-woman quest for justice, and the guys are on a two-man quest to try to make sense of the gritty world of pimps, pushers, & prostitutes. Apparently it's a world of individual theme songs, gratuitous use of dummies, and horrible attempts at accents, with just enough social commentary sprinkled in to make this somehow not feel totally ridiculous (although there ARE a lot of shirt rips).

What IS ridiculous is Cooper's ongoing obsession with making Nolan seem like a perv, and let's just say that thanks to Pam Grier's ample... ahem... talents, there's lots of opportunities for that. So enjoy yourself, but be careful; the amount of fun in this episode (featuring a beer from Tomorrow Brew Co.) might just keep you up all night.