Episode 51 - The Karate Kid Part II (1986)

Bad Movies & Beer

Mar 9 2022 • 52 mins

Cooper and Nolan are back from their mid-season break, and thanks to a very special audience request they're waxing on (and off) about THE KARATE KID PART II - aka The Karate Kid, but in Japan this time.

Much like the movie's producers, the guys are running back enjoyable bits from earlier installments, such as:

- Who's the real hero of this movie?

- Everyone loves Elizabeth Shue

- Is that guy actually (insert cultural background here)?

...plus their usual assortment of d**k jokes and nonsense.

So get ready to experience the Glory of Love; this episode (featuring a collaboration between Sawdust City Brewing Co. and Indie Alehouse) is sure to drum up some excitement!