BONUS Episode - Let My Puppets Come (1976)

Bad Movies & Beer

Feb 15 2022 • 48 mins

In this very special BONUS EPISODE, Cooper and Nolan try desperately to hang in there as they discuss LET MY PUPPETS COME, a movie that can best be summed up by the phrase "Puppets make a porno".

This bizarre piece of 70s underground cinema (released on Blu Ray from the fine folks at Vinegar Syndrome) was Nolan's birthday present back in their October gift exchange, and it's a ridiculous, absurd, totally offensive piece of shock comedy that features just about every puppet sex act you could think of - and some that you probably couldn't.

Seriously, words can't even describe some of the things that happen in this movie, so the guys have their work cut out for them, but at least thanks to Great Lakes Brewery Nolan didn't have to try too hard to find a beer for this episode.

So if you're brave enough, get ready to get weird; Valentine's Day may be over but there's still plenty of love (or something) waiting for you in this one!