Episode 55 - Heart Condition (1990)

Bad Movies & Beer

Apr 6 2022 • 55 mins

Is recommending that your client join a movie where a racist cop gets haunted by the ghost of his Black arch enemy (after first receiving that arch enemy's heart via transplant) enough to get a Hollywood agent fired? You can hear the answer this week when Cooper and Nolan review what is quite possibly Denzel Washington's worst movie ever - HEART CONDITION.

In all seriousness, there's so much that goes wrong with this alleged comedy that it would be impossible to put the blame on one person, but that won't stop the guys from taking their best shot. From the screenwriter (whose sense of humor is what REALLY needed a transplant), to the director, to whoever was in charge of picking out the music, it's one bad decision after another.

There IS plenty to laugh about though, from Nolan's theory that both The Sixth Sense AND Point Break stole from this movie, to Cooper's thoughts on whether it's possible to perform sexually with the ghost of your lover's ex watching.

Is it enough to give this movie a new lease on life? Absolutely not, but this episode (featuring not one but TWO beers from Bell's Brewery) is definitely one you'll want to hear before it's too late.