Let's Talk About Nano $XNO | Episode 17 Fort Brox Podcast

Fort Brox Podcast

Sep 19 2022 • 48 mins

Why do you need to wait for a bank to open on the weekends to do business? Close a deal?

Why wait after 6pm to get your banking done?

Why can you not settle transactions faster. Avoid chargebacks, and stop paying fee's for simply using money?

We believe Nano offers a solution, but their value proposition is so simple it may be the reason why mass adoption is taking time.

For our full list of follow-ups and sources mentioned in this episode, please see our show notes at https://www.cryptopodcast.xyz




(00:00:00) Intro

(00:00:47) Show description

(00:01:02) Disclosures

(00:01:30) Regulation banter

(00:01:44) Let's talk about Nano XNO

(00:03:08) How we have used Nano

(00:03:53) One perspective about Nano

(00:04:39) The case with Chargebacks

(00:11:37) Some wallets

(00:12:00) Two reasons we immediately liked nano

(00:12:38) Nano removes friction intermediaries

(00:13:33) Tokenomics of Nano

(00:16:22) Taking a look at the monetary value

(00:20:02) Nano adoption and zero fee's, upside and downside

(00:22:52) Case for setting up nodes

(00:23:56) Gaming and Nano

(00:24:45) The value proposition of being able to transact

(00:29:28) What Nano could do

(00:31:24) Reducing fee's is a utility

(00:33:09) Nano eco friendliness

(00:33:19) Attacks on Nano

(00:38:44) More PROs than CONs in our opinion

(00:39:26) Sharing a bank switch experience

(00:44:00) Counter argument

(00:45:32) Some exchanges Nano is currently on

(00:46:37) In closing


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