Let's Talk About Crypto Adoption | Episode 23 Fort Brox Podcast

Fort Brox Podcast

Feb 27 2023 • 44 mins

How do we work towards more adoption of crypto? What will it take to have more people and business utilize the technology not just the currency side of crypto.

Fort Brox Crypto Podcast Episode 23


(00:00:00) Intro song

(00:00:29) Intro banter

(00:01:28) Show info

(00:02:45) Disclosures

(00:03:24) What needs to happen for crypto adoption?

(00:06:50) Banking

(00:13:00) California testing with Tezos

(00:14:22) Foundational layers and protocols

(00:24:58) Onboarding crypto, ease of use

(00:34:49) Understanding blockchain

(00:35:42) Coins versus tokens

(00:39:34) In closing

(00:40:50) Tezos follow-ups


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