Lost Heroes, Missing Money

City of Montgomery, Ohio

On December 16, 1982, FBI agents Robert Conners, Terry Hereford, Mike Lynch, and Charles Ellington were flying to Lunken Airport with convicted bank embezzler Carl Henry Johnson and his representative when their small plane crashed near Cooper and Main Street. Johnson claimed he hid stolen money in the area and promised agents he would lead them to the missing cash. In the new podcast, Lost Heroes, Missing Money, witnesses, firefighters, and family members explain the events of the tragedy.

FBI Agents

Special Agent
Terry B. Hereford

Special Agent
Robert W. Conners

Special Agent
Michael J. Lynch

Special Agent
Charles L. Ellington

Thank you to the following people who contributed to this project:
  • Retired FBI Agent Ross Rice
  • Joni Konstantelos
  • Mary Morgan
  • Don Neyer
  • Victoria Morgroum
  • Chief Paul Wright
  • Chief Rob Penny
  • Retired Firefighter Frank Lerner
  • Retired Firefighter Mark Stagge
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