S1 EP2 - Take the Leap with Confidence Queen Kaleah Jones

Six Figure Certified Coach

Feb 2 2022 • 36 mins

How can you react differently to your thoughts and your emotions? How can you adapt your communication style to any situation? How can you really change your mindset so that life is happening for you in that to you? This is where success and mindset coach and NLP practitioner, Kaleah Jones, comes in!

Tune in as Katie and Liv sit down with Kaleah to discuss her journey to entrepreneurship, from overcoming imposter syndrome to letting go of fear and implementing her vision to the importance of continual growth and investment in yourself. Join the conversation as Kaleah shares her mission to help women uncover unconscious patterns and turn their passion into profits!


- Who is Kaleah Jones, the certification queen?

- Making a commitment to learning and development

- What is NLP? And how does Kaleah incorporate it in her practice?

- NLP focuses on the how rather than the why

- When Kaleah started seeing quantum leaps in her business

- Practice, practice, practice!

- How to create offers that align with your values

- “Do it scared.”


“I'm an advocate for self-coaching and always being your own biggest cheerleader, and just taking the small action steps toward the desired goal.”

“Your external success and your business growth, it cannot exceed your inner growth.”

“If you have a vision, and you have a dream, and you see yourself doing this kind of work, then do it scared. Take the leap even when you're fearful, even when you're scared, even when your inner critic is telling you all the reasons why you can't.”


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