S1 EP5 - From Pole to Soul - Reclaiming Your Power with Mercedes Otano

Six Figure Certified Coach

Feb 9 2022 • 42 mins

Meet Mercedes Otano - psychic medium, spiritual life coach, and former exotic dancer.

Tune in as Mercedes shares her unconventional path to entrepreneurship and creating SOULO, a spirit-led coaching company dedicated to healing and teaching people that the solution is within themselves. Learning how to use the sexual creative energy from dancing and integrating it into her business, listen in as Mercedes reflects on accessing the power of her story and how she now guides others to understand that the more you go all-in for yourself in your purpose, the more the universe reciprocates.


- How did Mercedes find IGC?

- What is the one thing all beings crave?

- Translating lessons learned from dancing into business

- Releasing control and leaning into what feels right

- Why entrepreneurship allowed Mercedes to become a better mother

- Are you in alignment with your wealth identity?

- Invest in yourself and do it your way!


“Learning how to integrate that aspect of dancing into my business now, I feel is why I've been able to make multiple six figures and have so much success in what I do.”

“You have to be patient and feel rooted in what you're doing and who you are in order for people to take you seriously.”


Learn more about Mercedes Otano and spirit led coaching at SOULObymercedeso.com

IG | @mercedeso

TikTok | @mersaydeso


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