S1 EP1 - Do Certified Coaches Make More Money with Katie & Olivia

Six Figure Certified Coach

Feb 2 2022 • 28 mins

“I connected with Katie and I hired her as my life coach. And the rest is history…”

Welcome to Six Figure Certified Coach with your hosts and founders of “Inner Glow Circle”, Katie DePaola and Liv Chapman. Listen in as Katie and Liv reflect on the birth of IGC, sharing a vision for what they wanted to see in the world and creating it. Combining their skills to create a truly badass curriculum, IGC’s mission is to help their students succeed, get paying clients, and hit that six-figure mark, all by being truly incredible coaches.

A love story between a teacher and an entrepreneur, join the conversation as Katie and Liv welcome inspiring stories from people who chose to pursue their passion, get paid, and live a 6-figure life.


- How did Katie and Olivia meet?

- Why do Katie and Olivia make such a great team?

- The inspiration behind IGC

- What is an ROI and why is it so important?

- “Create what you wish existed in the world”

- Becoming accredited by the International Coaching Federation

- What to expect from Six Figure Certified Coach


“How many times have you taken a course where you have no idea what the outcomes are, what you're actually walking away with, it just has a really cute title.”

“We were really able to combine our skills to create this really badass curriculum that helps our students succeed, actually get paying clients, and hit that six-figure mark by being truly incredible coaches.”


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