Wearing Many Marketing Hats with OxEye VP Marketing, Brandon Hoe

Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Apr 20 2023 • 38 mins

This week, Brandon Hoe joins hosts Gianna and Maria to discuss controversial topics related to cybersecurity marketing. Brandon is the VP of Marketing at Oxeye and has held CMO and head of marketing positions at multiple cybersecurity companies, including SCYTHE, HackEDU, and StrongKey.

Brandon and the hosts also discuss in depth the idea that demand generation as a marketing discipline is the key to success. How while the funnel is still alive, the timelines associated with each step have changed, and the idea that companies often think that bringing on a demand gen wizard will solve all their problems. They concluded that the marketing environment is much more challenging for everyone involved, especially in the cybersecurity world.

Timecoded Guide:

[06:29] Cybersecurity Regulations and Market Trends

[12:17] Advice for Marketers Considering Joining an Israeli Startup at the Seed Stage

[16:30] Balancing Strategy and Volume of Activity in Early-Stage Leadership Positions

[17:59] Demand Generation and Critical Hires

[27:35] Pizza Toppings and Alternative Careers

[33:28] Starting a YouTube Channel and Noodle Shop Business

[34:52] Exploring the Journey of Launching a Product Company



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