How To Surround Yourself with Success

Surviving The System

Jul 1 2021 • 51 mins

http://www.survivingthesystem.org/ (http://www.survivingthesystem.org/) http://www.facebook.com/survivingthesystem (http://www.facebook.com/survivingthesystem) http://www.twitter.com/ststhepodcast (http://www.twitter.com/ststhepodcast) Ever done a SWOT analysis? Or research on a Target Market? If you have, it was probably in the context of business. Trying to figure out who your customers are, so you can more effectively get them to interact with you. But have you ever done this for your personal life? Have you ever sat down and said "what do I want my friends to look like?" or "what kind of characteristics do I want the people in my life to have?" If you're like me, you probably haven't. Until now!I've been trying to figure out exactly who I'm trying to reach as a coach and podcast show host. As I was putting this all down on paper, it occurred to me that I've never really looked around at the people in my life and said "who is my target friend market?" or "who is my target business associate market?" I can tell you who I DON'T want...and now it's time to figure out what I DO want.