Why Can't It Be Both?

Surviving The System

Feb 11 2022 • 54 mins

I had to go over a couple things in this week's episode. This was recorded right after Thanksgiving, so the topic of gratitude was weighing heavily on my mind. I spend some time going in depth on what I'm grateful for and why you should focus on it more as well. I also spend some time talking about how black and white our country has become. The system has done a great job of dividing us and has us fighting amongst ourselves. Republican vs Democrat. Right vs Left. Good vs Evil. Life is never that black and white. The truth is always in the grey, and that's the problem. We've let them divide us so much, we forget everything we have in common. www.facebook.com/SurvivingTheSystem www.twitter.com/STSthePodcast www.SurvivingTheSystem.org