EP#017: Sam Griffiths | Every-day health and self-care for stressed or busy people

The Executive Career Jump Podcast - For Executive Leaders On The Move

Mar 3 2021 • 27 mins

This week on the Executive Career Jump Podcast I am joined by wellness, fitness, and life coach Sam Griffiths who provides us with some very helpful and effective health tips (with a focus on mental health), that can easily fit into our schedules. These tips include various ways in which we can build a routine that works both short and long-term and that will help deal with the feelings of stress and overwhelm. If you know you need to get moving a little more right now, this is a must-listen!

Things to listen out for:

  • How to build a sustainable routine for fitness that can be helpful in the long-term
  • What is the concept of ‘Setting Minimums’ and how to avoid burn-out?
  • What it takes to build your own business


Follow Sam on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/healthyinbusiness/

Sam’s website: https://thebusinesshealthcoach.co.uk/