Black moms Selfcare while raising Mixed Boys with Christina Elmore

The Untraditional Podcast

Jun 9 2023 • 25 mins

In this episode of The Untraditional Podcast, we will take you through raising mixed children, navigating being a black mother raising mixed boys , and having independence as a mom.

Our show today is graced by Christina Elmore, an American actress, known for her role in the TV series The Last Ship as Lieutenant Alisha Granderson, and her roles on Twenties and HBO's Insecure.

Myriam recalls how she and Christina met, and how they and their families built a friendship. They talk about letting fathers have an independent relationship with the child. Mothers need to learn to let their children go. They plunge into the necessity of teaching mixed kids about the world as black moms. They point up celebrating their blackness even if they are married to white men and adapted to other cultures. How is it like experiencing and belonging to different cultures for them and their kids? Christina shares how her own journey to Selfcare

Key notes

⦁  Myriam and Christina's friendship.

⦁  Raising Mixed kids as black Moms.

⦁  Why Mothers should take out time for themselves?

⦁  Raising kids to be self-dependent and righteous.


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