How to be unapologetic about your Selfcare

The Untraditional Podcast

Aug 24 2022 • 40 mins

In this episode of The Untraditional Podcast, we get into a discussion about moms being unapologetic for wanting their life to mean more than motherhood.

Our show today is graced by Emilie Karun, a Bad Ass Life coach for Mom entrepreneurs.

Myriam highlights Emilie being unapologetically herself. She tells how they met in Miami. Emilie shares how she got started with her transformational journey as a mom, embodying the woman she wanted to be. They talk of the mom-guilt and frustration that usually comes along. Emilie shares how reading a blog changed her life. She doesn't wanna teach her kids that love is equal to sacrifice. She highlights the role of her supportive husband in her journey. They discuss how moms taking breaks lets the family bond more and create memories. To Emilie, what was it like to get started with her business? Once you figure out who you are, you can't go back. How can other women be an inspiration? Emilie lets the listeners know about her program that coaches women to be unapologetic for wanting it all.

Key notes

⦁Myriam and Emilie's first ever encounter.

⦁How did Emilie get started with her transformational journey?

⦁Figuring out what you really want for yourself other than being a Mom.

⦁Moms taking time off family for self care and business.

⦁What kind of support mothers need?

⦁How Emilie started her business off with her blog?

⦁Emilie's Coaching program for ambitious mothers.


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