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Definition of Narcissism
May 25 2023
Definition of Narcissism
Stacy Carlin is a narcissistic abuse recovery coach and a natural-born caregiver who is using her own life experiences and intensive training to help others navigate their healing and transformation journey. Also, a spiritual coach, and a mentor, Carlin is certified in narcissistic, informed coaching, and has more than 30 years of experience as a clinical nurse specialist, heading to her abilities to help, heal others and give them the tools they need to avoid an escape destructive partnership. In addition to her one-on-one coaching in mentoring services, Carlin hosts the podcast called Taking Care of Number F*****g One, inspiring listeners to make the most of who they are and put the front and center of their own needs. She also recently released a book, Love, and Boundaries After Narcissistic Abuse; Your Road to Recovery, Helping People Recognize the Signs of Narcissistic Abuse. The book earned the endorsement of the famed medium Thomas John. Stacy has \always believed in being of service. Also with being a nurse, this was true, and continued as a mother and caregiver after being in an abusive, narcissistic relationship, surviving that experience and getting out of it, she continued to be of service and dedication to her life and helping others that are in an abusive, narcissistic relationship or have free themselves from one. Connect with Jon Dwoskin: Twitter: @jdwoskin Facebook: Instagram: Website: Email: Get Jon’s Book: The Think Big Movement: Grow your business big. Very Big!   Connect with Stacy Carlin: Website: YouTube: LinkedIn: Twitter: