First BRRRR Horror Story With Christine Hsu

Passive Real Estate Strategies

Sep 5 2022 • 25 mins

Learn from Christine’s mistakes during her first BRRRR and how she takes steps now to prevent them as she continues growing her portfolio.

[00:38] Intro
[02:05] Christine recalls her first deal horror story
[03:50] Details into how things went wrong for Christine’s deal
[06:24] Christine’s experience with an incompetent contractor
[11:54] Lessons Christine learnt from her missteps on the property management side
[12:32] Recalling an eviction process
[13:06] The condition of property after the eviction process
[13:37] Christine’s experience refinancing her first property
[16:55] What would christine do differently in a second property purchase?
[17:56] Steps you can take to help you network better
[19:08] The importance of understanding the market really well before deciding to invest
[20:53] What Christine is currently focusing on
[21:13] Why Christine switched over to syndicating larger deals

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