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Nov 13 2023
THE CHUCK MAWHINNEY STORY The Marine Corps’ deadliest sniper is Chuck Mawhinney with 103 confirmed kills during the Vietnam War. His story went untold for decades, with many books claiming Carlos Hathcock had the most kills at 93. Jim Lindsay, an author and Oregon rancher, befriended Mawhinney as both were hard-working, beer-drinking men in Oregon. Lindsay decided to help get Chuck’s story out in a way befitting a man at peace with his role in Nam. Chuck viewed his job as keeping other Marines safe; he was great it. Lindsay tells the story to host Jim Fausone and writes it in “The Sniper” published by St. Martins Press. Available as an audiobook, ebook and in print. CAMP LEJEUNE CLAIMS OVERWHELM DOD  The second interview is about a Camp LeJeune water contamination policy guidance put out by the Navy to try to settle the 100,000+ cases. Attorney Catherine Groll, a litigation partner with the Mike Cox Law Firm, talks about the Camp LeJeune Justice Act, the administrative claims process, and the Department of Defense & Navy’s new “Public Guidance on Elective Option for CLJA Claims”. The DoD created a matrix so veterans exposed to the Camp Lejeune contaminated water could evaluate whether settling and avoiding litigation is the better route. Groll talks to host Jim Fausone about the inherent problems in the Elective Option and the traps for the unwary veteran. DoD dangles up to $550,000 in front of Marine veterans to start settling the 100,000+ claims that have already been filed.