Josh Ma - Do something hard & creative answer: Wagyu

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Sep 19 2023 • 54 mins

Joshua Ma is from Monterey Park. He attended St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School and Don Bosco Tech for High School. For college Josh attended UC Riverside and got a degree in accounting. It was a skill he wanted to learn but not one he enjoyed to pursue. He always valued his creativity and desire to express himself. He always had to look for a way to make something his own.

Having worked in accounting and banking Josh desperately was looking for a way to keep his sanity alive, so he took up photography around 2017. This would lead him to discover a new hobby and allow him to travel and see many live shows. When the pandemic hit, most of the live shows got cancelled, thus he had no more work.

At that time Josh was working at his family business, a food distribution service. He had the idea of offering wagyu since most restaurants were closed during that period and many people were left bored at home cooking for themselves.  In 2020, Ligma Provisions was born. It was Josh's way to create his own brand with his spin and creative direction. The biggest challenge being the meat... how would he make this fun and expressive? So Josh turned his photo skills toward creating his own content and giving his brand personality. Josh went from posting on his personal  Facebook to eventually creating a brand page, joining SGV Eats and connecting with the local community to become their source for wagyu. In late 2021 Josh launched his online store and started to service restaurant accounts.

Today Josh is shipping all across the country, telling his story, creating a fun brand and it was all made possible by the support of the SGV.

Instagram: @ligmaprovisions


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