Matt Abdoo from Pig Beach BBQ, Ray Negron from the New York Yankees, and John Fuhrman, Founder of Bubb'n Mutha's Makes This Another Huge Triple Play Episode

Baseball and BBQ

Apr 13 2024 • 2 hrs 19 mins

Matt Abdoo from Pig Beach BBQ, Ray Negron from the New York Yankees, and John Fuhrman, founder of Bubb'n Mutha's makes this another huge triple episode.

Matt Abdoo is the executive chef and partner of Pig Beach BBQ and he joins us to discuss the 4th annual Jeff Michner Foundation BBQ Benefit taking place at Pig Beach in Queens, New York on Saturday, April 27, 2024.  Jeff Michner was Matt's brother-in-law and he passed away at the age of 36, leaving behind his wife Sara, and his 16-month-old daughter Hayes. A foundation was created in Jeff's honor to keep his memory alive. The organization embraces the things he loved best: family, friends, and great food. The Jeff Michner Foundation supports families managing loss and grief and provides scholarships to graduating high school students with a love for cooking and golf, two of Jeff’s biggest passions in life.  The Jeff Michner BBQ Benefit celebrates Jeff with an epic barbecue featuring some of the countries greatest pitmasters.   Go to for more information.

Ray Negron is an executive in the New York Yankees organization.  His position with the Yankees is impressive, but the story of how he achieved all of his success is incredible.  It is a story based on someone taking a chance on Ray when he was behaving badly and could have ended up in jail, but instead this person offered Ray a job as the Yankees batboy.  That moment changed not only Ray's life, but possibly, as you will hear Ray tell, the lives of many other people.  The someone who took the chance on Ray was George Steinbrenner AKA "The Boss" and the storis Ray tells about Mr. Steinbrenner and the entire Yankees organization, which he has been a part of for the last 50 years, is fascinating and heart-warming.  For more information on Ray Negron go to

John Fuhrman is the founder of Bubb'n Mutha's which manufactures premium spice rub blends.  After serving in the United States Navy, John, worked in the auto industry and ended up in North Carolina.  While there he fell in love with barbecue and learned how to cook it and experimented with different spices and rubs.  John returned to Maine and started this company, making his products with special real Maine ingredients like organic blueberry powder, maple crystals and even Raye’s Mustard which is the oldest mustard company in America. John is always looking to help fellow military veterans and hires veterans from the area so they can earn a quality living, get training and keep their families there.  For more information on John or to order their products go to

We conclude the show with the song, Baseball Always Brings You Home from the musician, Dave Dresser and the poet, Shel Krakofsky.

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