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Episode18: Vulnerability as a Superpower - Mentoring Men & The 25twoZERO Movement
May 4 2021
Episode18: Vulnerability as a Superpower - Mentoring Men & The 25twoZERO Movement
Mentoring Men is a registered Australian charity providing free life mentoring programs for adult men in the community.  The brain child of Ian Westmoreland who had the idea to provide a service to  to help adult men experiencing distress.  When Ian found himself at a crossroads, he was unable to find a place to connect to other men for mentoring  or a new sense of direction.  This set him on a mission to create this incredible free one on one “life” mentoring service, providing valuable, solid assistance to help men to adjust and transition through difficult times to a better and normal quality of life.Joining the conversation is Shay Hare, a mentor at the non-profit organisation and the inspiring creator of The 25twoZERO Movement.  Shay himself faced a huge shift in his own life and was moved to take action after the suicide of a co-worker.After a period of hard questions and seeking his own truth through vulnerability,  Shay set up the 25twoZERO Movement and has set himself the goal to run 2,520 km this year. Each kilometre ran will represent every male that loses their battle each year.  Shay’s campaign goal is to increase awareness, change the way males talk about their mental health and raise funds to help reduce the number of men in crisis from over 2,500 to ZERO.It is my pleasure to hold this conversation with these 2 inspiring men, providing such valuable services for men in distress.You can find them here: