Darius Mirshahzadeh: Start with Core Values

CultureLab with Aga Bajer

Dec 7 2020 • 1 hr 30 mins

"I hate this company,” I said to myself, sitting in the office in San Francisco. “I can’t believe I created this.”

This is how my guest today, Darius Mirshahzadeh, opens his book, The Core Value Equation.

Darius had been successful by any external measure. He was the founder and CEO of a company that would soon hit the $10,000,000 revenue mark. He had 150 employees and a seventeen-thousand-square-foot modern tech office space in the heart of San Francisco’s SOMA district.

And yet, he had serious regrets as a founder. He realized that the company he created was not the one he intended to. Somehow, while trying to build a successful business, he lost track of what he now considers one of the most important factors to achieve success and grow with minimum growing pains - the core values.

And core values are what we are focusing on in this episode.

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