Alan Woodson of Axis Fab on Episode 99

Conversations with Big Rich

Feb 24 2022 • 1 hr 28 mins

Alan Woodson of Axis Fabrication, an OG rockcrawler, dishes dirt with Rich on Episode 99. A true east coast competitor, Alan shares his love of travel and building with all of us.

3:13– growing up in a big, little city

11:17 – Scott bailed me out

19:14 – Full Disclosure: I did something to deserve the ability to not have my license

39:13 – let me tell you about how I met Charlie

48:07 – anything west of Tennessee is just a different mentality

56:12 – I’m definitely doing Axis Fab

59:42 – I think people that build and break barriers in the off-road world, it’s a lot like being an artist

1:05:17 – I didn’t come to that conversation with an open mind

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