Off-road videographer, Crazy Doug Hayduk, on Episode 102

Conversations with Big Rich

Mar 17 2022 • 1 hr 22 mins

Crazy Doug with some crazy stories. Shooting golf clubs, racing down ski hills on wheels, blood boosting, cocoa leaves, Baja, rockcrawling. If it includes adventure, this episode has it. Join Doug Hayduk and Big Rich for Episode 102.

5:28 – I won the hill climb three years in a row.

9:53 – I was charge with solving the welding cracking problems on titanium

14:41 – mountain bikers were a little more counterculture

20:36 – I always thought the ultimate opportunity was to use my engineering in sporting goods

28:32 – we were verbally promised bonuses, that didn’t work out

39:46 – gravity carts, like soapbox derby on mountains

48:39 – I’m a legend in Park City

52:25 – All I knew was Baja racing was badass, right?

1:18:34 – It’s really satisfying having friends that will shake your hand and do something for you

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