Uncle Tom’s Cabin caretaker, Rance MacFarland in Episode 114

Conversations with Big Rich

Jun 9 2022 • 1 hr 9 mins

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is known worldwide as the last stop before hitting the Rubicon Trail. While Uncle Tom’s is owned by the Lawyer family, it is looked after by a variety of cabin holders, Rance MacFarland has been one of those for over 20 years. Listen in as he shares his history of growing up near the Rubicon. You can tune in on any of your favorite podcast players.

9:25 – you got in line and got your sack lunch and headed up toward the (Rubicon) trail

17:13 – he failed me the first time

26:15 – I pulled into a gas station and recognized the truck, asked if they were hiring

35:08 – “oh, you’ve got to change your books”

40:27 – the trades are still there, it’s still a good career

48:16 – it used to be cash-only, and a lot of people don’t carry a lot of cash with them

52:25 – this year is 100 years it’s been in the family

1:00:53 – I think that’s always been Uncle Tom’s deal – hoping that people have a good experience

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