East coast native, engineer Scott Trimarco on Episode 95

Conversations with Big Rich

Jan 27 2022 • 1 hr 26 mins

Knowing what you want to do from first grade. Priceless. Meet Scott Trimarco, the pump guy. Scott is the man when it comes to hydraulic steering pumps – high flow applications is where his product thrives.  Listen in to hear how all that came about. Scott’s Custom Offroad.


10:28 – I want to design cars

15:18 – she’d make shirts with the pocket upside down…

23:03 – oh, yeah, I lived on Pirate

32:03 – you get one free day

36:25 – I borrowed garages for forever

40:36 – I never made a square Toyota driveshaft

49:10 – the fire department got there before we could evacuate

54:56 – I’m done with these pumps, I can come up with something better

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