Trail Ready’s Larry Trim escapes to the dirt on Episode 117

Conversations with Big Rich

Jun 30 2022 • 1 hr 23 mins

Larry Trim and his bride, Lois, set themselves up for success. Follow their journey through hard work and consistency to success and freedom to travel and race in this episode of Conversations with Big Rich. It’s a great story of mindset and commitment. Congrats, Larry on a job well-done!

4:30 – the start of my dirt addiction

11:49 – that’s when I discovered I didn’t have four-wheel drive

21:10 – 2.5% unemployment meant that about 2% were working against their will

26:32 – it had a manual transmission that Lois either wouldn’t or couldn’t drive

32:25 – RSI is still the primary business I have today

37:09 – that’s where Trail Ready came from

47:46 – I’m one of those Dust to Glory inspired people

55:12 – and that’s how a guy like me can have a trophy truck

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