Living life on his own terms, Randy Ellis on Episode 94

Conversations with Big Rich

Jan 20 2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

Living life on his own terms, Randy Ellis, on Episode 94. From tearing up trucks to building them, Randy is chasing sunshine in Mexico now on Simplify. Listen in as Big Rich and Randy share what it was like in the Phoenix desert when rockcrawling was still new.

5:06 – vroom, vroom dad

14:04 – at 16, I started flipping cars

17:56 – If you boys are going to play, you got to learn how to fix ‘em

23:02 – I messed up so many things, but that’s how you learn

32:35 – you started out building your own everything

38:52 – we learned real quick to put on a show

46:23 – we started building parts for everybody

53:22 – the name of my baby girl is Simplify

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