Episode 113 features Ned Bacon and his adventures around the world

Conversations with Big Rich

Jun 2 2022 • 2 hrs 5 mins

Variety is the stuff of legends, hear from the master, Ned Bacon, about traveling the world, writing, drawing, competing, and where that landed him. At home now on the ranch in Nevada, Ned has some tales to tell, including managing an 80 car collectors museum. Listen in to Episode 113 on all your favorite podcast channels.

3:15 – I’ve been a gearhead and a car nut as long as I can remember

11:13 – I think I would have been way safer on a motorcycle

23:29 – then I grew up and put it back to stock

39:13 – I discovered this ad in a magazine about crossing Africa in a 4WD

51:18 – he actually went out and looked at my Jeep, Pewe was the first one

1:04:55 – I got started in the magazine industry drawing Cheap Tricks

1:31:36 – we were meeting our match, and our vehicles were definitely meeting their match

1:44:23 – everything changed in 2010

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