Goatbuilt founder Drew Burroughs on Episode 112

Conversations with Big Rich

May 26 2022 • 1 hr 42 mins

Based in the hub between Chicago and Milwaukee, Drew Burroughs is making a name for Goatbuilt, not just in off-road, but in the Midwest manufacturing hub.  Drew found his way into off-road through the Polygoats at San Luis Obisbo and hasn’t turned back. Listen in on Episode 112 on any of your favorite podcast channels or even on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe!

4:22 – I’ve been working on helicopters for as long as I can remember

17:35 – I bought a Jeep, and then I bought a magazine, that was the start…

24:52 – introduced to the Polygoats

34:25 – I got keys to the shop

43:12 – they were spraying garlic and fish oil

53:28 – that’s my introduction to the industry

1:08:18 – let’s make this thing in a machine shop

1:18:19 – you can just buy it and weld it together

1:28:27 – there’s so much stuff built here

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