Best of season 1 - The key ROI most CEOs forget + education on climate chan, with Lubomila Jordanova from PlanA

Mission First - Entrepreneurs for future

Mar 4 2021 • 9 mins

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Mission First best-off advice #1 - Leadership: The key ROI that most of CEO's forget + how to learn about climate change

Lubomila Jordanova is the CEO of Plan A, a B2B Saas which helps companies to be more sustainable thanks to data science and actionable plans.

Before pivoting to B2B, Plan A was a platform that raised closed to 1 million euro for sustainable and environmental projects. In that episode #3 of Mission First, we talked a lot about how they successfully pivoted, but here I want to share two inspiring and useful sequences related to leadership.

In the first sequence, you will hear from which sources and how Lubomila became more knowledgeable about climate change science (even though she is has no scientific background), why she estimates that it is crucial for a CEO from a sustainable company to understand at a deep level the science of climate change.

In the second sequence, you will learn about one type of ROI that lots of CEO forgets to take into account for their company, the type of ROI which makes your employees commit to your company and stick with you however hard it gets!