24. GREENTECH How to start, run, and exit an energy company with Ilona Ludewig (4hundred )

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Feb 23 2022 • 1 hr 6 mins


Today, I welcome Ilona Ludewig to share with us how she was able to accomplish what most entrepreneurs dream to do. Create a greentech company and exit it after less than 5 years.

Ilona Ludewig is a serial entrepreneur, strategy director in several companies, consultant, and she founded 4hundred in 2016. 4hundred became the fairest green energy provider in Germany in 2020 and was acquired by the UK tech unicorn Octopus Energy.

Ilona shared Do’s and Don’t about:

How to start, run, and exit an energy company” and This episode is a must-listen if you would like to learn:

When is the right time to sell your company or join forces with another player in your market.

How to improve your team’s operation by building in-house tech tools.

How to ensure that your product or service maintains a culture of positive growth.

We also shared on the importance of mindset when hiring someone to join your team and how valuable are skills in the over all hiring process.

Ilona also shared personal experience on how she leveraged technology to provide better customer experience

Are you Ready? Let’s dive in together!

Resources and recommendations from the episode:

Ilona Ludewig on Linkedin and Instagram

Digital forum provider: Standing on Giants

Book: Alchemy By Rory Sutherland

Podcast Recommendations: No Stupid Questions By Stephen Dubner and Angela Duckworth

Squeezing the Orange By Professor Dan Cable and comedian Akin Omobitan

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