EP51 – Interview with Elles Van Gelder

Multimedia Week

Oct 31 2015 • 31 mins

The makers of Akrikaner Blood, Elles Van Gelder and photographer Ilvy Njiokiktjien have teamed up once again to work on a new project “Frog in a Tent”. The multimedia story is based in the gang-ridden area Manenberg, in Cape Town, South Africa where schools are regularly forced to close down because it is too dangerous to walk to school. The project is now in the editing stage and the two makers have launched a crowd sourcing campaign to raise the funds needed to finish the project off. D J Clark talks to Elles about the story, the production process and why they chose to go with a crowd sourcing campaign rather than just go to a traditional publisher.

In the news DJ discusses the new Leica multimedia camera, reviews of the new A7s2 and a raft of new lenses aimed at the Sony e-mount.