How to Get Your Employees to Buy In - CEO, DB Schenker, Hessel Verhage

The CEO Sessions

Oct 12 2021 • 57 mins

How do you get your employees to buy in? For most leaders it’s a mystery, but it’s an important question to consider. In fact, employees who buy into the company culture and important changes are more likely to be motivated, engaged, and productive. Enter CEO of the Americas Region for DB Schenker - Hessel Verhage, who seems to have cracked the code on building trust and loyalty along with getting big results. He rose from forklift driver to senior executive and established his reputation as a leader who drives positive change. He also served as CEO of STG Holdings, Global Co-President of UTi, and CEO of Global Link Logistics. https://www.linkedin.com/in/hessel-verhage/ (Hessel's LinkedIn Profile ) https://www.dbschenker.com/global (DB Schenker) WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER FROM THIS EPISODE: How a life-long stutter became a powerful way to connect with customers and employees. The important role that mentorship has played in his career. The funny moment he learned that “life is sales”. How he addresses stuttering from the stage... that always engages the audience. How Hessel got to the C-Suite without the "normal CEO pedigree". The dose of tough love his mother delivered when he left college. How his starting out as a forklift operator influences his leadership today. The importance of taking risks early in your career. The “NBA Coach Theory” on getting promoted. Have the guts. How to turnaround a company that’s in deep trouble. Mentors! The most powerful words in the English Language... "I need your help". How to get your frontline workers to buy in. A family of 12,000 working together. The one trait he’s like to instill in every employee... Straight talk and transparency both ways. How to instill empowerment and accountability. The true cost of employee turnover. HIGHLIGHTS: How companies should treat their front line workers: Treat them with respect. They should buy into the vision of where the company is going. They should feel that they have a career path. QUOTES: When it comes to public speaking and having a stutter, “Own it upfront.” When it comes to taking on a difficult position, “Have the guts to take the job.” ------------------- https://www.benfanning.com/the-ceo-sessions/ (Apply to be on the show) ------------------- https://www.benfanning.com/the-ceo-sessions/ (Connect with Ben:) https://www.linkedin.com/in/benfanning/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/benfanning/) https://www.instagram.com/benfanning1/ (https://www.instagram.com/benfanning1/) https://twitter.com/BenFanning1 (https://twitter.com/BenFanning1)