Law of Pain – Grow Through Conquering Painful Situations

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Dec 28 2021 • 20 mins

Interview with Business & Life Coach Bill Goodwin

We’ve all heard the term – no pain, no gain. Every small business owner struggles through difficult times and situations. It’s part of the process of succeeding as an entrepreneur. The truth about pain is that No one likes difficult times - but we can choose to embrace the lessons we learn from pain. Done successfully, conquering your painful situations can even help your business achieve greater success.

Who better to help us triumph from pain than Bill Goodwin, owner and operator of Priority Living of Minnesota? Richard and Shelby interview Bill Goodwin, who helps business owners and others achieve higher levels of performance and greater satisfaction in their personal lives.

Subjects discussed in podcast include:

  • Bill Goodwin’s successful consulting business with Priority Living
  • Stressors and how these can be catalysts for growth
  • How does one have a positive life stance?
  • As business owners, how do we embrace the value of pain?
  • How can we then make good changes after pain?
  • Personal responsibility - how does one be a victor, and not a victim?

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