Digital Transformation – Ray Blakney Operates an International Language Business

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Dec 1 2021 • 26 mins

Interview with Digital Transformer and CEO Ray Blakney

Nowadays, the world we live in is ever-more online. People are constantly scrolling down their social media feeds on their smartphones, buying products at ecommerce websites, launching fully virtual businesses… what does this all mean? Well, one thing this trend points to is the need for businesses to prioritize digital transformation. Just ask Ray Blakney, CEO and co-founder of the Live Lingua online language school ( Digital transformations don’t “just happen.” You need to take key steps to successfully make a digital paradigm shift.

Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Shelby Cara interview Ray Blakney, to learn more about his true digital transformation success story. Learn from his digital lessons.

Subjects discussed in podcast include:
• Ray Blakney’s business “Live Lingua”
• Competitive advantages: What sets Live Lingua apart from other online language learning platforms?
• How did his business stem from digital transformation?
• Tips for business owners who want to digitally transform their companies
• What common mistakes should be avoided when going through a digital transformation?
• How can entrepreneurs better manage a fully remote enterprise?
• Things a small business owner should do each day to make sure their digital operations stay intact and working well
• How can learning a new language benefit a business owner?

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