Instagram Unleashed – Corey Walker Talks Latest Marketing with Social Media

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Apr 4 2023 • 24 mins

Are you using Instagram to maximum marketing effect in your Home-Based Business? Let’s let Corey Walker, author of Instagram for Business for Dummies, show us the way.
Instagram is a dominant social media platform, particularly for businesses. Instagram also seems to be challenging the longtime dominance of Facebook. A few questions to ask: what are effective ways to use Instagram, why should we invest in Instagram, and what is a good posting frequency?

Richard “Capt’n’” Henderson interviews Corey Walker, owner of The Marketing Specialist ( She gives practical advice on how to better your reach with Instagram.

Subjects discussed in podcast include:
• What are the most effective ways to use Instagram right now?
• Why should a business invest in Instagram?
• Success factors for creating a good Instagram post
• How can businesses find the time to post lots of Instagram content?
• What exactly are “Reels” and how can these help you in your business?
• One thing a podcast listener can do tomorrow morning to get better at marketing with Instagram

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