Spruce-Ups – Improve Motivation by Making Your Home Office More Inviting

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Jan 13 2022 • 22 mins

Are you feeling a little “down” today or need more motivation? Maybe it’s time to look no further than your own home office. Yes, your home workspace could be the source of flagging motivation. Simple and inexpensive upgrades and changes to your home office could make all the difference. When it comes to the home office, we too often consider its layout, furnishings or location for ways to improve it.

Jeanelle Ditto working with a client at her interior design office.[/caption]

Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Shelby Cara interview Jeanelle Ditto, who recommends instead that you should start with easy-to-do “Spruce Ups” to greatly improve your daily home office experience. Jeanelle is owner of Blush Interior Designs (blushinteriordesigns.com).

Subjects discussed in podcast include:

  • Surrounding yourself with positive energy
  • When making changes to interior surroundings - “First Impressions Matter”
  • Home office updates that are inexpensive
  • Simple and cheaper office furnishings and cabinetry ideas that can “spruce things up”
  • Easy office reconfigurations with such things as computer cords and power strips
  • Combining two functions into one - simple interior designs that make the transition seamless and inviting
  • How can different fragrances - perhaps seasonal fragrances - spruce up your workspace?
    Warmer vice brighter - Making improvements in lighting.

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Jeanelle Ditto, owner of Blush Interior Designs[/caption]

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