EY 24 KEEPING VIRTUAL REAL with Tiffany Green

Event Yak

Oct 25 2020 • 45 mins

In this episode, we speak with Experiential Marketer and Events Producer, Tiffany Green and ask her what makes for a memorable experience, and how brands can leverage events to push their messages forward. Other topics include the art of Collaboration; what elements help to make virtual events more engaging; and what virtual events might look like once IRL events come back.

Tiffany Green

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Episode 24 By the Numbers:

04:04 | Terri Walters

Meet Tiffany Green: Director of Production, Industria Creative.

05:40 | Tiffany Green

Working a myriad production jobs within live theatre, in-between pursing my acting career, was my unexpected entrée into the Events Industry.

08:48 | Terri Walters / Tiffany Green

Defining the biggest buzz word in the Events Industry: EXPERIENTIAL.

11:20 | Terri Walters

What’s the power of EXPERIENTIAL as it relates to Brand Marketing?

13:25 | Tiffany Green

Our 360 degree perspective of events means virtual was an expansion, rather than a hard pivot, from IRL (In Real Life) – we’ve always been interested in putting more people in the (virtual) room.

15:24 | Tiffany Green

New thinking: How can we challenge the platforms that are currently available to us to really bring some of those successful IRL techniques into the virtual space? How can this new medium work?

16:48 | Terri Walters

What are some of the elements that make virtual events more engaging? How do you image it, from the beginning?

21:05 | Terri Walters / Tiffany Green

The key to an engaging event is to meet your guests where they’re at.

24:59 | Terri Walters / Tiffany Green

Because “out of your control” variables can be exponential in the virtual event world, time is your only friend.

31:39 | Terri Walters

Have we pushed the creative limits on virtual events, or is there more head-room?

32:36 | Terri Walters

Will IRL Events become exclusive in the future?

35:18 | Terri Walters / Tiffany Green

On providing strategies for making ZOOM-level content more engaging for your audience.

39:12 | Terri Walters

How long does collaboration last in a program? Does it have to end?