Event Yak

May 28 2020 • 50 mins

In this episode, I speak with long-time friend, Bruce Wood of Hi-Tech Staffing in Louisville. We discuss the challenges COVID-19 is throwing at the technical people in the Events Biz, the power of word-of-mouth advertising, work ethics, the importance of treating people right, and being ready when the live events world starts up again.

Bruce Wood

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bruce-wood-56955517/

Email: bruce@hi-techstaffing.com

Phone: 502.558.0339

Hi-Tech Staffing

Website: https://www.hi-techstaffing.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hi-tech-staffing-llc/

Terri Walters:

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Event Yak:

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Moonfish Production, Ltd.:

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Episode 9 By the Numbers:

00:00 | Terri Walters

Meet, Bruce Wood: Founder & Owner, Hi-Tech Staffing.

06:05 | Bruce Wood

An epiphany! The seed is planted for a new endeavor in the heartland – local labor and production management for screen & stage productions.

11:03 | Bruce Wood

Treating clients like individuals, assessing their needs and managing all the moving parts.

14:08 | Terri Walters

How do clients find you? Discussing the power of word-of-mouth.

15:42 | Terri Walters / Bruce Wood

Managing the TECH for Hi-Tech Staffing, and sourcing staff to make a show run flawlessly.

17:44 | Bruce Wood

Hi-Tech’s claim to fame – vetting staff.

22:24 | Terri Walters / Bruce Wood

On working both sides of the equation – as a vendor and an employer. The power of pre-production, being prepared and, ultimately, taking a leap of faith.

27:29| Terri Walters / Bruce Wood

How has COVID-19 impacted the live events industry? What are customers, labor and business leaders saying about a path to recovery? How is the industry moving to digital? What do home-studios look like? Where do we go from here?

33:08| Terri Walters / Bruce Wood

How do we replace LIVE? What’s the evolution? The importance of staying active and creative during this massive disruption in the industry.

40:17| Bruce Wood

On taking the pulse of the hi-tech community, staying ready, and the evolving labor and client pools.

48:10| Happy National Craft Distillery Day from Louisville!