Launching a Product Line in the Largest Retailer in the World, Being Told 'No,' and Making Life a Party w/ Packed Party Founder Jordan Jones

Hashtag No Filter

Aug 13 2020 • 53 mins

In episode 91 of Hashtag No Filter Julie talks to Packed Party Founder Jordan Jones for a second time (listen to their first episode here)! In this episode Julie and Jordan talk all about how it's been running Packed Party during COVID, how Jordan's dream of launching a product line in the world's largest retailer came to be, an exclusive look at a brand new program coming soon, how she decides who to partner with in terms of brands, retailers, and influencers, the motto Jordan has lived by since day one of starting PP, if she's had moments where she's wanted to throw in the towel, and so much more. Enjoy! Visit Packed Party's website here. Follow Packed Party @packedparty. Hashtag No Filter | Real, raw, honest, authentic conversations with real people. No sugar coating, no BS, and no filter. Topics range from dating to friendships to motherhood to nutrition to sex and quite literally, everything in between. You might laugh, you might cry, and you'll appreciate the honest and vulnerable conversations. Julie believes in living an unfiltered life, as seen through her podcast, her writing, and on her Instagram stories @byjulielauren. Website: julielauren.com | Patreon: patreon.com/julielauren Subscribe on reVolver Subscribe on iTunes Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com