Being Agile and Innovative Without Creating Burnout with Dr. Ciela Hartanov

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Apr 4 2022 • 43 mins

In this episode we talked with Dr. Ciela Hartanov and discussed the top 5 most important things that a leader needs to do to be agile and innovative without burning people out.

Dr. Ciela Hartanov is the founder and managing director of humcollective, a boutique strategy and innovation firm that helps companies, executives, and teams make sense of the forces shaping the future and prepare strategically.

Ciela was part of the founding team of The Google School for Leaders and Head of Next Practice Innovation and Strategy at Google, where she developed projects designed to shape the future of leadership and work.

Ciela has been a featured speaker at a wide range of conferences from The

House of Beautiful Business to the HR Leaders Forum in Australia. She has been quoted in Psychology Today and Forbes and is sought after for her thought leadership on the future of leadership and adaptable organizations.

Her book, Reclaiming Sensitivity, is scheduled for release in early 2023.

Ciela brings a multidisciplinary view that leverages business foresight and organizational development to break barriers and invent the next practices for humane, kind, and responsive workplaces.

Join us as we discuss with Ciela to be agile and innovative without burning people out. Learn the story of how Dr. Hartanov started her journey into creating the systems Google uses to shape leaders and create innovative strategies. Hear why providing space and stability around innovation is vital if you want to generate results. Listen to Matt and Ciela discuss the difference between designed strategies and adaptive strategies and why each are equally important.

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