How Meaningful Measurement Creates a High-Performance Culture - Stacey Barr

Business Leadership Today

Jan 24 2022 • 49 mins

In this episode we talked with author Stacey Barr and discussed the top 10 most important things that a leader needs to do to create a high-performance culture that doesn’t burn people out.

Stacey is a specialist in strategic performance measurement and evidence-based leadership.

Her purpose is to help leaders get tangibly clear about the results they intend to achieve in their organization, and to better recognise how well they are achieving those results.

Stacey helps executives and senior leaders, along with their planning and performance professionals to lead the creation and use of meaningful, results-oriented performance measures that transform the culture and achieve organisational goals.

Stacey is also the author of Prove It!: How to Create a High-Performance Culture and Measurable Success.

Stacey has always been comfortable with numbers and actually started her career as a research statistician.

Join us as we discuss with Stacey how to create a high-performance culture that doesn’t burn people out. Learn Stacey’s insights on how measurement and KPI’s should be used for learning and growing instead of judging performance. Hear what “weasel words” are and how they can inhibit you from properly communicating the goals of your organization.

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