Employment Law With Devora L. Lindeman​ , Esq.

The Sharon McLaughlin Show: Confidence is Contagious

Sep 5 2023 • 12 mins

In today's episode, we have a special guest, Mrs. Devorah Lindeman, an experienced employment lawyer, to shed light on key employment law issues in medical practices.

Segment 1: Understanding the Role of Human Resources in Medical Practices

  • Mrs. Lindeman emphasizes the importance of doctors recognizing the significance of human resources and employment law in their practices.
  • Suggests the idea of designating an office manager or practice manager to handle HR responsibilities.
  • Emphasizes the importance of documenting HR practices, including job descriptions, hours, and wages, to prevent disputes.

Segment 2: State-Specific Reporting Requirements

  • Highlights the need for practices to research and comply with their specific state's reporting requirements.
  • Mentions the necessity of providing employees with essential information, such as payday schedules, holiday pay, and sick leave policies.

Segment 3: Employee Classification Challenges

  • Explores the common issue of misclassifying employees as independent contractors, particularly in medical practices.
  • Discusses the potential consequences and fines associated with misclassification.

Segment 4: Non-Compete Agreements in Medical Practices

  • Mrs. Lindeman touches upon the topic of non-compete agreements in medical practices.

Segment 5: Building Agreements and Partnerships

  • Explores the idea of creating agreements and partnership tracks for mid-level providers within medical practices.
  • Emphasizes the importance of clear expectations, training, and soft skills development for successful collaborations.
  • Encourages practitioners to consider the long-term potential of their employees and create mutually beneficial arrangements.

Segment 6: Contact Information and Services

  • Provides Mrs. Devorah Lindeman's contact information for those seeking legal guidance in employment law.
  • Shares details about her law firm, Greenwald Doherty, which exclusively represents employers.
  • Mentions the availability of employment law consulting services in various states and the network of colleagues for assistance.

Devora Lindeman has many years of experience in management-side labor and employment law. Her practice is focused on advising both for-profit and non-profit clients on day-to-day employment challenges that arise when businesses have employees, such as discrimination and harassment complaints, accommodations to individuals with disabilities or who are pregnant, compliance with employee leave laws, wage and hour issues, and issues related to recruiting and hiring, performance management and discipline, terminations and layoffs.



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