AI Story telling With Narratize AI Founder Katie Trauth Taylor, PhD

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Aug 22 2023 • 17 mins

Having a hard time telling your story?

Do you know that a better story can lead to higher conversions?

Listen to Narratize AI Founder Katie Trauth Taylor, PhD who speaks about founding her company.

I lead the design and implementation of evidence-based methods that empower leaders, managers, and innovators to leverage the power of story to accelerate innovation.

"I've led strategic innovation narratives and served as a senior content strategist within fast-growth tech startups and the Fortune 500, including Boeing, NASA, Hershey, Sunoco, AAA, IFF, Dupont, Edgewell, Cincinnati Children's, Argonne National Lab, Crossover Health, Parsley Health, Omada, Physera, US Dept of Veterans Affairs, Millennium Challenge Corporation, World Food Forum, and the United Nations.

As CEO and cofounder of Narratize AI, I lead and grow a powerhouse team of experts in generative AI and professional content analysis to design the market-leading AI-powered storytelling platform for busy experts.

Narratize is where innovators create high-impact stories in 20 minutes or less. With Narratize, everyone from entrepreneurs to enterprises transform scientific, technical, and medical insights into compelling content that accelerates time-to-market using proven story patterns.

With the power of AI, Narratize users organize their best ideas, generate impactful narratives, and adapt content into different formats to gain visibility, understanding and buy-in.
I am also founder and CEO of Untold Content, where for the last decade, I've led an expert team to grow and scale thought-leading research, insights, and methodologies for leveraging the power of story within innovation processes.

Scientific, technical and medical innovators trust Untold to achieve message-market fit for disruptive products and technologies through clear, evidence-based storytelling that increases market adoption and sparks clear decision-making among internal stakeholders. Untold provides content services, innovation storytelling training experiences, and culture-shifting guidebooks to innovative, ambitious organizations in health, tech, and science.
Proud BoilerMaker with a PhD in professional and scientific writing from Purdue University."


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