Tax Saving Strategies For Physicians With Brad Ewerth, CPA

The Sharon McLaughlin Show: Confidence is Contagious

Sep 5 2023 • 11 mins

In this episode, I speak to Bras Ewerth, CPA about 3 ways physicians can start saving on their taxes.

Brad Eworth, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with extensive experience in accounting and tax planning.

Some topics discussed in this episode,

  • The difference between tax professionals who focus on historical tax return preparation and those who actively seek to reduce tax burdens.
  • The challenge of getting clients to be proactive in tax planning.
  • Brad explains the significance of federal tax brackets in tax planning.
  • An overview of the current seven tax brackets, ranging from 10% to 37%.
  • The importance of considering tax brackets when devising tax reduction strategies.
  • Mention of the upcoming changes in tax rates Brad highlights how tax planning is influenced by where you live, mentioning eight states without income taxes.
  • Considerations for clients who might relocate to minimize their tax liabilities.
  • The added complexity of local taxes in certain cities like New York City and St. Louis.
  • The tax implications of various business structures such as S corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and C corporations.

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