Confidence to Overcome Emotional Eating With Jessica Procini

The Power of Peacefulness and Stress Relief With Dr Sharon McLaughlin

Feb 6 2024 • 15 mins

Segment 1: Building Confidence for a Healthier Lifestyle:

  • Host discusses the common struggle of lacking confidence in achieving a healthier lifestyle.
  • Importance of a different approach for different results is emphasized.
  • Jessica introduces the holistic perspective of health, including emotional and mental wellbeing, beyond just nutrition and fitness.
  • The etymology of "healthy" as "whole" is explored, advocating for a comprehensive approach.

Segment 2: Understanding Emotional Eating:

  • Jessica delves into emotional eating, defining it as using food to cope with various emotions, not solely related to overeating.
  • Emotional eating is explained as a symptom of deeper emotional issues and a disconnection from true hunger and satiation levels.
  • The interview explores the reasons behind emotional eating, citing lack of education and societal stigmas.
  • The notion that emotional eating is about 'why' rather than 'how much' is established.

Segment 3: Awareness of Emotional Eating:

  • Discussion on whether individuals are aware of their emotional eating habits.
  • Jessica highlights the shame and denial associated with emotional eating, especially for high-achieving individuals.
  • The importance of self-awareness and acknowledgment is stressed as the initial step towards change.

Segment 4: Addressing Emotional Eating Habits:

  • Practical advice for individuals struggling with emotional eating habits is provided.
  • The recommendation to keep a journal, documenting the circumstances and emotions surrounding eating episodes, is presented.
  • Jessica encourages a non-judgmental and curious approach to self-observation.

Segment 5: Seeking Support and Working with Jessica:

  • Jessica invites listeners to visit her website,, for free resources and information.
  • The process of working with Jessica is explained, involving filling out an application for potential collaboration.
  • The emphasis is on creating a supportive environment to explore challenges and potential solutions.

Segment 6: Words of Encouragement for Confidence Building:

  • Jessica reassures listeners that emotional eating is a learned behavior that can be unlearned.
  • The erosion of self-trust caused by emotional eating is discussed.
  • Healing the relationship with food and oneself is portrayed as a journey towards building confidence and reclaiming personal power.

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