B.O.M. - Episode 0018 - Road Rash

Bums of Manarchy

Apr 11 2021 • 1 hr 17 mins

For Part 1 of Episode 0018, the Bums cover the lunacy that is the NCCA March Madness men’s basketball tourney, leading up to the final showdown between Gonzaga and Baylor, UNC’s new head coach (Hubert Davis) who is Mr. Salem-Winston, the Carolina Panthers crazy-like-a-fox acquisition of Sam Darnold for “a bag of beans” (and a few draft picks), the first week of MLB baseball including the Chicago Cubs hitting woes (the Bums have more hits than the Cubs starting line-up), the tragic murder/suicide of five souls in South Carolina at the hands of former-NFL corner back Phillip Adams, Rocky and Paddy knife fight over the Masters in the shadow of Georgia’s racism, and finally a quick check-in on Tiger Woods-Andretti.

The Bums dive into Part 2 with a story epitomizing the ‘thrill of victory and the agony of defeat’, as Rocky ran the gauntlet in a single day (COVID-19 vaccination and DMV license renewal) before crashing his e-bike on the way to drink beer, speaking of beer — the Bums review Chicago’s own Old Irving Brewing and their cornerstone Scentinel IPA, dining out in Chicago, the crucifixion of Scumbag-of-the-Week, Steve Waithe (track-and-field coach at Northeastern University) who scammed female athletes into sharing nude/semi-nude pictures, and the Bums close with a segment highlighting shocking and overt racism from cartoons of old (fan request from Boston Dough).

Episode 0018 was recorded at B.O.M. global headquarters in Chicago on 4/8/2021.